The Real Deal

What do Conch and Silver Dollars have in common?
Known for its tough, savory meat, “Conch” (pronounced “Konk”) is robust spiral-shelled mollusk which is considered a sweet island delicacy.
Back in the 18th century, resilient Key Wester’s depended on Conch as a major food source and eventually adopted it as their namesake.
In the early 80’s, Key West even declared itself the “Conch Republic” emblazoning the Conch’s iconic shell on everything from flags to t-shirts.
And that brings us to the Bahamian One Dollar  Conch Coin - the only official government coin to bear the Conch’s image and also to be valued with genuine “legal tender” status.
We’re not talking about souvenir Conch “medals” here. You’ll find trinkets like those all over the Keys but they are not true “legal tender” and hold no government monetary status.
Only the Bahamian One Dollar Conch Coin is the “true coin of the Conch Republic” and is made up of  solid silver with almost half an ounce of pure silver.
First issued in 1966, all of these coins are close to 50 years old and are available (at amazingly affordable  prices) as striking pendants, key chains and money clips - framed in both sterling and gold.
You can only find the “real deal” at a handful of exclusive island retailers:  In KeyWest at Neptune Designs, Jeff’s  Gems, Abaco Gold and Emeralds International; in Marathon at Midas Touch; and in Islamorada at Ocean  Gardens.
And remember: “Long live the Conch Republic!”

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19 Jan 2016